Estonian Kickboxing Championship 2015 in Tallinn

Estonian Kickboxing Championship 2015 (K-R, Low, Full) took place on April 25-26, 2015 in Teras Sports Hall (Rannamõisa tee 4h) in Tallinn. The event was organised by the Estonian Federation of Kickboxing and Teras, a sports club. Nearly 150 kickboxers from 18 sports clubs in Estonia competed in the championship.

The list of participants included the strongest Estonian teams: Estonian Academy of Kickboxing, Konkiro, First Fight Club, Banzai, Budoart, Klan, Shaolin, Kombat, Club Vortex, Team Moisar (Keila), Saku TK, Rapla TK, Paide TK, Tugev Tahe (Rakvere) and others.

This year the sports club EAK fielded an expanded team with several new additions, including many kickboxers from EAK's Saaremaa and Tapa branches. Many sportsmen competed for the first time and their first appearance was successful.

This kickboxing championship will be remembered in the history of Estonian kickboxing for numerous victories by knockout, many of which were achieved by EAK's sportsmen. This championship has hosted a suprise guest Dzhabar Askerov who honoured the event with his presence.

Under the professional guidance of EAK's experienced chief coach Dmitri Vorobyev, the championship was successful for the sportsmen of the Estonian Academy of Kickboxing.

EAK once again proved itself as the best kickboxing club in Estonia, having won 1 place in this championship.

We congratulate all of the medal winners in the Estonian Academy of Kickboxing!

We wish you sporting success and great wins!

Estonian Academy of Kickboxing

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